changing hearts, minds, and the addiction treatment industry

Stephanie Strong

CEO & Founder

Stephanie has spent her career focused on innovation in healthcare, working to move the industry forward through venture capital investing, entrepreneurship, World Bank-funded research in India, and systems innovation at Duke University Medical Center. In 2017, Stephanie founded Boulder Care, a digital clinic offering long-term care for substance use grounded in kindness, respect and unconditional support. 

Prior to Boulder, Stephanie worked at a venture fund called Apple Tree Partners and held strategy, operating, and board roles with leading startups in outpatient opioid addiction treatment, mobile oncology, dermatology, and palliative care. A graduate of Highest Distinction from Duke’s School of Public Policy, Stephanie previously consulted in Washington, D.C. on emerging programs for Medicaid beneficiaries during the passage of the ACA, among other health policy reforms.