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Why people who share your experiences are critical to recovery

Casey D. is a Peer Specialist at Boulder Care who was asked to share her story with Where To Next, a blog by Acumen America. Born and raised in Alaska, Casey talks about how powerful it can be to be a part of people’s recovery journey as a peer with lived experience, and the special value of understanding the specific challenges local Alaskans face in getting help for SUD. 

"There’s also the age-old stigma around recovery. It needs to be the norm, out in the open, instead of being hidden in the shadows. Recovery is all about connection and community. Treatment should be easily accessible and seamless."

We’re very proud of Casey and her inclusion in Acumen America’s blog, and wanted to share her article with our Boulder community. Acumen is an investment firm focused on supporting organizations tackling poverty in new and innovative ways, and an early supporter of Boulder Care.

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