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Making a Safe Space for People to Seek Help

Many people who have SUD feel like asking for help hasn't gotten them the help they deserve, or have deeply entrenched fears that admitting they need help will only set them up for rejection. In this video, Ronnie B., one of Boulder’s Peer Specialists, explains how he finally broke through to get the help he needed, and how it not only made him realize he wasn’t alone, but changed his life. Ronnie has gone from someone afraid to ask for help to someone who shows others that things can be better the next time they seek help.

Now, he's on the front lines as a peer, able to offer reassurance to patients who are earlier in their recovery journeys that there's a way to seek help without fear that they'll be rejected. He's able to tell people that it even if it doesn't seem like it now, there are people who care about them and their success, and everything can be rebuilt. Because he's been there, he can show them they’re not alone.

“We go on this journey. We let them know: hey, you’re not alone. We can do this. You can do this.”
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