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Boulder Care launches The Pop-In Clinic

A new, more flexible way to access care

The Pop-In Clinic allows patients to access virtual, on-demand visits whenever they need, wherever they are.

Boulder Care, a telehealth organization providing comprehensive care for substance use disorders rooted in empathy and unconditional support, is proud to announce the launch of the Pop-In Clinic, a virtual, on-demand way for patients to access care. 

Boulder’s Pop-in Clinic allows new and existing patients to access care without an appointment, whenever they need it, creating an innovative, flexible model for delivering life-saving treatment.

For individuals looking for medication for addiction treatment (MAT), this often same-day access to care presents a new level of convenience.

Boulder spent many months testing this new clinical model, and began widespread adoption of the Pop-In Clinic beginning in July.

Pop-In was developed as a response to the ever evolving needs of our patients. We know how essential it is to make sure patients can access life-saving treatment anywhere, anytime, and how lowering the barrier to access helps more patients start treatment. But even for patients who are already in care, we recognize that life’s many competing priorities can make attending scheduled visits challenging. In speaking with new and existing patients about what would help make care fit better into their lives, we saw an opportunity to change the way we look at booking appointments. 

Pop-in Clinic allows patients to join during “open” times throughout the day without needing to schedule a visit ahead of time.

Our pop-in clinic is staffed with clinicians as well as peers and case managers, ready to meet patients where they are and provide whatever support they may need, whether that’s establishing care as a new patient, completing a follow-up visit, getting help with external social services, or meeting with a peer support specialist during a moment of need. 

As we continue to follow the growing evidence that our accessible model enables us to delivery industry-leading results for our patients,* creating even more opportunities for patients to get care on their own terms is critical. Even in our early rollout, Pop-In is having impressive success and garnering tremendous feedback. Patients not only appreciate the flexibility, but also the added sense of support from knowing they can add a visit at will. We are excited to offer this new option and continue to expand our care model.

If you’re interested in learning more about Boulder and working with us as a referral partner to take advantage of the new, flexible Pop-In Clinic, contact us here

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